Music Video + Girls Vs. The City

It's so exciting to announce that the "Ocean Girl" music video is 70% shot! The last day of shooting will be October 27th, and I'll need tons of extras 'cause it's a party scene on the rooftop of a very generous friend's. The location is at Main Street and 7th Avenue, Vancouver, so if you wanna come, more info will be posted soon on my Facebook page.

Behind-the-scenes of dancers Mira Lin and Julia White
Skatergirls Christine Wong and Sophia Sengsuriya by Madge Yang

Furthermore, I cannot believe we raised $486 on Indiegogo to fund the making of the music video. The people who donated to paying and feeding my team of women of colour artists are literal angels, or just really awesome people. The money also went towards equipment rentals, which are totally necessary and unnecessarily expensive. The $486 certainly doesn't cover all the production costs, but it definitely lessens the hole in my bank account, so thank you so much. I am very moved by the generosity and support I've received recently as a woman of colour in Vancouver's music scene.

Lastly, the webseries I was cast in as a recurring guest star has started releasing their episodes! This show is very funny, very well-written, and created by two very talented females, Brynn Peebles and Brianna Wiens (or AKA Girl on Girl Humor). You can view the pilot and 2nd episode below (catch me in the 2nd):

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